Migration is to leave, or to abandon something, and migration is also known as the movement of people from place to place for the purpose of setting in the new place.


In recent years many people have abandoned their country and have gone to live in other countries, because of the wars and political problems that have occurred in their countries. Migration is a difficult thing, because it will go to a strange place and it will be different customs, traditions, laws and language. In Syria and Palestine there are thousands of people who migrate because of wars, most of them go to Europe, in the last few years, Europe is the biggest destination for immigrants. According to United Nations: “244 million international migrants living abroad worldwide, new UN statistics reveal”. Most people migrate to search for a better life or to look for a good job. Migration to individuals has a significant impact, but this effect has two negative effects, the positive effect. “The positive effect” is the transition to a better scientific and living society, which improves the individual’s financial income and the formation of intellectual renaissance due to the diversity of thought and civilization. “Negative influence” people may encounter racist ideas that are propagated by extremist thinkers in societies. There are many types of migration” Foreign Migration” is to leave a person in his country and go to another country, in search of a better life and future for him and his family. “ Internal migration or displacement” is that the person migrates within his country from one place to another on the basis of reasons that forced him to leave, and the migrants are divided into two parts, a forced section and a section is not forced: The “ forced” person is the person who is forced to emigrate because of an armed conflict in his city or near the place where he lives and escapes for fear of death or abuse, and forced displacement is more difficult because it may become an external migration if the conflicts reach the area the person did not find another area in his country and fled to find only escape outside his country. The person who migrates or moves within his country from one city to another because of the transfer of his place of work, in which case the person may move with his family or move alone and then return to his family every period, and this migration is behind the living, and in this case a person may also be forced, but not as a the first person who has nothing to do except leave the place where he lives or leave his whole country. The migration of minds is the movement of students and talents, doctors and engineers to study outside their country provides them with a suitable environment for excellence and creativity. Some students go to study in other countries in order to return to their home countries and inform them of the science they have acquired, but many of them do not return to their opportunities and opportunities in the best immigrant to it. Illegal immigration is an individual or collective movement from one state to another in violation of the laws in force in the intended country, where the country is entered without a visa or entry. According to Eurostat “In 2015, the relative share of national immigrants, in other words immigrants with the citizenship of the EU Member State to which they were migrating, within the total number of immigrants was highest in Romania (87 % of all immigrants), Lithuania (83 %), Hungary (56 %), Croatia (55 %), Latvia (52 %), Estonia (52 %) and Portugal (50 %). These were the only EU Member States to report that national immigration accounted for more than half of the total number of immigrants — see Figure 2. By contrast, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria reported relatively low shares, as national immigration accounted for no more than 5 or 6 % of their total immigration in 2015”. In a world where immigration is becoming increasingly evident in our time, the greatest concern is how to save the lives of migrants who take dangerous routes – by sea and by land – to escape violence or poverty. Nearly 2000 people have died since the beginning of 2015. Europe is saving immigrants. This year, 150.000 immigrants arrived from many countries. Flexibility of development is a crucial human right and is key to the working of the universal displaced person insurance administration. The very capacity to look for haven relies upon the capacity to move looking for rights that have been precluded in the nation from securing starting point. In a more extensive sense, it is presently progressively perceived that human versatility gives an essential intends to individuals to enhance their way of life and to add to the financial and social existence of their nations of starting point and goal. In spite of a developing acknowledgment of this, be that as it may, the global group has been ease back to consolidate versatility into its reactions to constrained relocation. Answers for relocation have concentrated on containing or turning around development, as opposed to on reestablishing the lost rights, which provoked flight in any case.


In conclusion:


I have shown the meaning and types of migration, and analyzed some solutions to the problem of migration and how this problem is addressed or solved.

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It's a nice view in Lincoln
It’s a nice view in Lincoln

Yesterday i went out to take some pictures for the river and this picture is a beautiful because the lights of the sky was beautiful and we can see the reflection of the tree on the river.
Yesterday i went out to take some pictures for the river and this picture is a beautiful because the lights of the sky was beautiful and we can see the reflection of the tree on the river.